About You

It’s interesting when I ask existing and former clients what prompted them to contact me. A few have been encouraged by pioneering friends who have been with escorts before, some have seen movies or read books whilst some have simply decide that it’s something they’ve always wanted to try. Regardless of what brought us together, there’s always been a need or something that’s been lacking in their lives.

I find that in contrast to a lot of men, women look for more mental as well as physical fun. Ladies want to know me, as I do them, which is wonderful and I love the whole experience of getting know each other. It’s so sexy, it’s the best build up to.. anyway, I digress..

Many people I meet are magnificent mothers, have been patient and loyal wives for many years, or never wanted to marry but find meeting that one perfect guy time consuming, fruitless and sometimes demeaning. With some, there’s this feeling they want more and they want to be appreciated by a lover who is non-judgmental and genuinely appreciates them for who they are.