It’s a journey. Something I’ve thought a lot about but until now have done nothing. 

Dan aka “Mitch” has shown me through sharing his his experiences in his book, “Time for Her” and through conversation “coaching” that I can understand myself better. That’s there’s a process to embrace within. Something I’m grateful for. 

Dan has shown me what I want is important and I do deserve it even ……the little things. 

Through this understanding it gives me the confidence to pursue a better me. No question was unanswered or too difficult to ask him, he made it easy. 

Dan is an exceptional person with immense courage and insight into some very personal spaces that is difficult to navigate alone but I’m on the path to being me again.

Ms S

Very Nervous New Client!

As someone new to the male escort industry, I recently had a coaching session with Dan. The advice and tips he gave me were invaluable and I’m feeling confident about how to approach the work. It’s tremendous to see his values and ethics shine through which sets the gold standard for male escorts to aspire to.

George Goulburn


After reading Dan’s book, ‘Time for Her’, I knew this was the guy I needed to ask some very personal questions about my 20 year marriage, and the ‘What’ and ‘How To’ from here.

Speaking with Dan was like opening up to an old friend, without judgement, about his thoughts, suggestions and ideas for how I proceed personally from here.

Dan knows and understands Women and the failings of Men (ha ha ha)!

Thank you Dan for the conversation and humour. X


Wife of 20 years

Be. You. Again.

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