What I’d like to address in this post is why providers charge what they do and to post the question, “Is employing the services of an escort really a luxury?”

Firstly, we charge what we do because it takes absolutely everything from us to provide you with the most amazing, more mind-blowing experience you could imagine.

We know there is a very high likelihood that you have never reached out to us before so we aim to make the experience amazing for you. We give you everything we have.

I would challenge you to name an industry where the merchant so explicitly exposes themselves so wholeheartedly – mind, body, and emotion to (frequently) unknown people.

We give our hearts to you.

Prior to our bookings with you, and for me personally, I want to present to you the best possible version of me I can. What do I mean by this?

Again, I’m giving it to you in the most blatant way I can (as a motivated, full time male provider):

  • logistically, haircuts – every two weeks
  • waxing – (for me) – undercarriage and stomach – once a month.
  • clothing – optional, but how some of us choose to represent ourselves physically is what drives us. We want to make you proud to be seen with us so being well dressed is essential.
  • Fitness. Some of us workout 3-6 days a week to make ourselves marketable and desirable and worthy of your hard-earned dollars.
  • Those of us who like fitness do enjoy working out, but without being physically attractive, many of us would not survive.
  • Marketing – Before COVID-19 hit, to advertise as a touring escort, the fees were several thousand a year.
  • ¬†Education. We are wonderful, open minded compassionate human beings. Some of us had no need to complete high school, whereas others hold doctorates.

Eitherway, what you will find with your providers is a unique soul. A true giver.

If you have had the pleasure of meeting us prior, you know. If not, you will. Trust me. Respect and speak to your provider and you might start to understand the energy that drives us.

We love and we care. We want to please you. It’s what we do, and it turns us on!

Now, that said, I agree that the prices we charge put our services in the realm of luxury – especially when bookings go for several hours or days, but the holistic benefits we often provide are often completely misunderstood.

To many outsiders, when they think of sex work they straight away think of penetrative sex. Sure, that’s a part of it in most cases, but what people don’t think of is the hours of talking and listening we do. Many of us also spend many unpaid hours corresponding before and after the fact to ensure our clients are completely comfortable with us and what they have chosen to do. We support you through the tough times when you feel most vulnerable. Our aim is to make you feel cared for and loved in the most genuine, nonjudgmental way possible.

Now combine all that with a dash of mind-blowing sex and you can begin to understand why this is a trade like no other.


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