About Me.

Stats: Age: 45 (Sagittarius), Height: 187cm/6’2”, Hair: Blonde/grey, Weight: 98kg,

I was raised by two wonderful, loving parents and have lived in various suburbs and states around Australia. I went to Europe as a child and travelled throughout Asia and spent a fair bit of time in the US as an adult.

I never really settled down career-wise, having starting out in retail while at uni, then moving on through various sales and management roles after graduating. I also studied criminology for a while due to my fascination with crime before travelling around Australia on my first motorbike, an unbreakable little single cylinder BMW 650GS.

During that epic soul searching three months, I decided I would become a lawyer. After finishing my Juris Doctor degree and volunteering with the Aboriginal Legal Service in NSW, I practised very briefly before fatherhood called.

During those years as the stay at home parent I pursued my dream of being paid as a photographer and started up a production company doing predominantly commercial and fitness work.

I decided I needed more out of this life however. I wanted to meet and help people which in turn would help me find my place. At a fairly young age my father made it quite clear to me the importance of respecting women. He really affected how and why I put women on the pedestal I now do.

A particularly intuitive and spiritual friend once asked me if I had been an escort or a stripper before. I replied “No, why?”. She then told me that I exude a very sexual energy and that she found it incredibly alluring. I was surprised, but not overly so. I was always interested in girls and my love of women has never left me.

I am a man who generally doesn’t dream for long. If I want something to happen, I usually take measures to make it happen as quickly as possible. The decision to become an escort was made overnight, and within a few days (enough time to take my own photos) I was advertising.

That decision has made me happier than I have ever been in my life. I feel like I can finally be who I always was regardless of what society thinks.
Although I am proud of what I do, it pisses me off that I feel forced to hide what I do to most people. I can’t comfortably discuss my work with anyone close to me which is why I find it so nice to associate with close colleagues.

I aim to contribute to the work of those before me in an attempt to de-stigmatise what we do. I want to proudly promote the benefits that can be attained through seeing me and those who hold similar values. I want an expanding audience from all backgrounds to understand that services such as mine involve far more than just sex and I want to show them that self esteem and sexual confidence can be restored and flourish well into middle age and beyond .