Specialised Guidance

– For prospective male companions (40+ years old) 

Drawing upon my vast experiences with individuals from diverse backgrounds, I also am available to share my invaluable insights with similarly minded men interested in truly making a difference in the industry. My comprehensive understanding encompasses the intricate nuances, practicalities, and the honest feasibility of entering the adult industry and achieving success. You can count on me to offer you guidance in all facets of the industry, including screening, pricing, and, of utmost importance, the delivery of exceptional customer service to truly thrive in the wonderful world of paid companionship.

– For women seeking guidance in managing relationships with men – professional and personal

If you are a woman seeking guidance on how to engage a companion, the specifics of what to anticipate, or to perhaps ‘debrief’ and share with me the intense emotions involved I am also available to guide you through those moments as well. Similarly, if you have found yourself at a crossroads with a long term partner and are seeking an honest voice from a male’s perspective, I’m here. One of the most common frustrations shared with me was ‘I have no idea what to say’ – so you wouldn’t be alone in feeling completely out of your comfort zone at times, but still needing that something extra from your partner or as a paid service.  If you are looking for advice, a compassionate ear, and a complete rundown of what you can (and more importantly what you should) expect from your man, please reach out and together, we can make your sexual journey the best it can possibly be.