What is my interpretation of a true “boyfriend experience”?

Let me first tell you what it shouldn’t be.

After you initiate contact, your potential companion’s response should not come from an automatedservice or from a personal assistant. This is not tech support and no male escort is that busy. Youdeserve to read the words or hear the voice of the man youhave so meticulously chosen to be yourprovider in order to make the most informed decision you can. For me, this goes both ways. I rely toa large extent on intuition and I get nervous too. I therefore love speaking with new clients.

Once we have a connection sure, a third party mat need to handle the logistics, but you shouldalways be able to request a time to talk prior to meeting. This is what human interaction should be.

I also believe a true and therefore meaningful bfe should give you the opportunity to express anyconcerns or any specific wishes or fantasies you have. I’ve always maintained that communication isa foundation to achieving happiness and this is the first step in being the you that you feel. Seize themoment and fulfil your sexual dreams. A loyal boyfriend is discrete, compassionate andunderstanding, so tell me everything. Even the process of using sexual or explicit language isliberating so don’t hold back. Describe to me how you have always wanted to be fucked. There hasto be some advantages to being adult!

Ok, so you’ve done it. You actually did it. You were nervous, you dressed up, (then you were REALLYnervous) but you know what? You hopefully had a very significant life experience. Like me and manyamazing women before you,you’re probably wonderful why on earth is it so taboo when it felt sonatural? This is how you should feel. Completely at ease, more confident and maybe a bit less mainstream.

It shouldn’t end there though. That would be called a one night stand. It mighthave been awhilesince you slept with anyone so you’re curious and may wonder “How was I?”, or “what did he meanby..?” for example. This new you should not be embarrassed or hesitant to speak up and asupportive guide should encourage it. If you didn’t like something? Tell me. Conversely, if you didlike something and want to explore it further? Tell me.

Following our time together, our interactions don’t have to end with polite pleasantries via text. It ismy wish that our new secret bond involves either further shenanigans or, even better, you telling mehow happy you are now having met someone new. Nothing gives me greater pleasure. Well almost nothing 😉