This post isn’t some sort of description of how escorting is while there is a worldwide pandemic threatening to thousands. It’s about the life of an escort during an unprecedented time when our profession is completely untenable.

I do recognise that some providers will be working during this time and this has been the topic of some incredibly nasty debate and sniping online which, in my opinion, is unnecessary and unproductive. Those providers who are still working at this time are of course fully aware of the situation and I would hope, are only working because they absolutely have to.

Now, some may say this shouldn’t make any difference but I ask you to put yourselves in their shoes. Most are not seeing new clients but very trusted regulars who are almost like partners. Almost family. And this is the sort of relationship that non sex workers are not familiar with and even some part time sex workers are not used to.

Sure, COVID-19 can still be passed on, but when it comes down to paying rent and putting food on your child’s table – working or not is an easy decision for many.

I am fortunate enough to have set aside some funds to support me and my family during this time (with the help of my ex with whom I have a great relationship) so I can afford not to work for a little while. But for those who live paycheck to paycheck, the idea of stuffing around trying to get a grand a fortnight in Jobseeker payment is ridiculous. In the time it takes to prove eligibility (as unlikely as this is) they are likely to go completely broke. If we do work, just know that we’re not idiots and neither are our clients. We know all bets are off if there are any symptoms and work shuts down completely. Yes, we may be asymptomatic, but that goes for everyone still working out of home and companies that employ them.

I guess my point is, don’t judge what you don’t understand. In fact just don’t judge. Stay in your lane, do what you deem to be the right thing, be kind and be positive. Oh and help sex workers stay at home by supporting their online content!

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