My career journey has been quite diverse, initially starting in retail during my university days and later transitioning through various sales and management positions after graduating with a Behavioural Science degree. At one point, my fascination with crime and the law led me to delve into a Post Graduate Diploma of Criminology before I embarked on an unforgettable adventure exploring Australia on my trusty BMW 650GS motorbike where I covered over 25,000 kilometres in three months. 

During this soul-searching escapade, I had an epiphany, and it was then that I decided to pursue a career in law. I successfully completed my Juris Doctor degree and completed my practical legal training as a volunteer with the Aboriginal Legal Service before practicing in a small law firm in regional NSW. Fate had other plans, however, and the call of fatherhood led me to take a break from the law. 

During my time as a stay-at-home parent, I decided to chase my lifelong dream of becoming a professional photographer. Establishing my own production company, I focused on commercial and fitness photography, turning my lifelong passion into a source of income.

I felt a yearning for more meaningful connections and a desire to make a positive impact on others’ lives though. My father instilled in me at a young age the importance of respecting women, which significantly shaped my values and perspectives and, as I am not one to linger on dreams for long, the decision to become a male companion for women came to me, and within days, I began advertising my services.

That unconventional path brought me a level of happiness I had never experienced before. I felt like I could truly be my authentic self, provided I could shrug off the inevitable judgement associated with that line of work. Although I took great pride in my accomplishments, I also felt a tinge of sadness by having to constantly conceal my work. The isolation that goes hand-in-hand with escorting, not to mention the COVID lockdowns, eventually caused my mental health to deteriorate significantly. Although I pressed on for quite some time afterwards, my ambitions became more specific.

I wanted to spend less time travelling and desired to be more present for my son and family. The extremely difficult decision to decline enquiries from new clients and the heartbreaking goodbyes I had say to existing clients were awful, but necessary. 

I am currently focused on sharing my journey with others via my memoir, ‘Time for Her – A Memoir of True Romance.’ I also offer guidance to women curious about hiring a companion and on relationships in general and conversely, I also coach older gentlemen with similar values as mine who are interested in entering the industry.  My ultimate goal and passion however, is to make a difference by helping to educate the next generation of men about all things relating to love, sex and consent.