About Me

Stats: Age: 45 (Sagittarius), Height: 187cm/6’2”, Hair: Blonde/grey, Weight: 98kg.

I was raised by two loving parents and have lived in various suburbs and states around Australia in my time. I travelled across Europe as a child and throughout Asia and the United States as an adult.

I have worked in many different fields, starting out in retail while completing my first degree in behavioural science, then moving on through various sales and management roles after graduating. I also studied criminology due to a fascination with crime and serial murder before travelling around Australia on my first motorbike, a single cylinder BMW 650GS.

During that epic soul searching three months, I decided I would become a lawyer. Upon completion of a Juris Doctor degree, I practised very briefly in regional NSW before fatherhood called. During those years as the stay at home parent I pursued my dream of being paid as a photographer and started up a production company doing predominantly commercial and fitness work.

About You

It’s interesting when I ask existing and former clients what prompted them to contact me. Many have been encouraged by pioneering friends who have been with escorts before, others have seen movies or read books whilst some have simply just decided that it is something they have always wanted to try. Regardless of what brought us together, there has always been a need which needs to be fulfilled. Occasionally that need is purely sexual, but this is quite uncommon. We really can achieve so much more.

I find that in contrast to men, women seek far more of an “experience” from their time with me. It is why I’m very rarely asked for one hour bookings. Ladies want to know me, and I them. Which is exactly what I prefer as well. They, as I, find the process of developing a bond incredibly sexy and not only enjoyable, but essential. It makes love making infinitely more intimate and spiritual in my opinion.


Our Journey

What to expect

Let me first tell you what the experience shouldn’t be but often is. After you initiate contact, your potential companion’s response should not come from an automated service or from a personal assistant. This is not tech support and no male escort is that busy. You deserve to read the words or hear the voice of the man you have so meticulously chosen to be your provider in order to make the most informed decision you can. For me, this goes both ways. I rely to a large extent on intuition and I get nervous too.

I therefore love speaking with new clients before we meet. Once we have a connection sure, a third party may need to handle the logistics, but you should always be able to request a time to talk prior to meeting. This is what human interaction should be.

The Experience

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